We can provide flexible training solutions for many aspects of social media:

  • Training on a one to one basis or in the form of a workshop for groups of all sizes.
  • Informative, interactive and enjoyable delivery by an experienced training facilitator.
  • Delivery via a short, 1-3 hour session, or over one or more days, covering a greater range of topics or individual topics in better depth, depending on your requirements.

The content of  training sessions and workshops can be designed and tailored to suit you. Here are some examples of the kinds of topics that can be covered:

“What is Social Media?” A great introduction for those who have no idea where to begin , this training session will introduce the concept of social media; what it is and how it is used, and give a brief introduction to the main social media tools available.

“Get to Grips with…” Cover the basics of how to use  a social media tool such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or blogging. Understand the key features of a tool  and how it can be used.

“Social Media for Business” Explore the ways in which social media can be used in business and business start-up, for key goals in areas such as networking, marketing and promoting; use social media to engage with customers and other experts in your field, promote your services or products and  monitor your competition.

“Creating a Social Media Strategy” If you’re familiar with the tools of social media but have no idea how to use them collaboratively to acheive the best results for your business, event or personal goals, this training session will provide you with a clear and managable framework to help you to develop and manage your own social media strategy.

To discuss your particular requirements informally, such as the topic of training, the length of training session required and the size of the participating group, please contact Michelle.

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