Social Media Training and Consultancy

MiMi Media provides a range of services designed to help you get the most from the social media available on the web, whether you’re using it in your personal, everyday life, for a service or event, or as a business owner or employee.

What is social media?

All of the technology available online that allows people to interact, communicate and share things, on a mass scale.

There are hundreds and thousands of social media platforms available, but some of the most popular and widely recognised are the social networking site, Facebook; the professional networking site, LinkedIn; the microblogging service,Twitter and the photo and video sharing platforms, Flickr and YouTube.

For a full description of what social media is and more details on the types listed above (along with a few more), read the MiMi Media blog post “What is Social Media?”

How can MiMi Media help?

  • Flexible training on all aspects of social media, from the basics of Facebook to the nitty-gritty of marketing your business through social media.
  • Professional and friendly consultancy on social media use and management, from creating a positive personal image on the web to conducting and managing a full blown social media strategy.
  • Unique, customised services designed exactly to suit your needs; contact us to discuss your requirements.

See MiMi Media’s Services for full details.